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On November 5, 2013, Yaoyao (alias) was born in a district outside Nanjing. From the moment she was born something was not quite right as she was not able to take in food and continually vomited. Her parents were frantic and did not know what to do. Even the doctors in the county did not know how to deal with this urgent case. Amazingly, the parents did not give up on their daughter. They tried everything to save her life.

Finally, Yaoyao was diagnosed with congenital esophageal atresia. The family was told they had to go to Nanjing city for treatment immediately before lack of nutrition caused pneumonia. The next hurdle was the fact that the cost of travel and treatment at 100,000 rmb was too much and the family could not afford it. In order to save his daughter, Mr. Xiao using his mobile phone joined in a QQ social media group called ‘Mother’s Love’. Some mothers in the group introduced him to a well-known author named Chen Lan who devotes herself to helping children in need. Chen Lan contacted our Foundation and told us about Yaoyao’s situation. After consulting with the hospital in Nanjing, and United Family Healthcare Pediatrics, UFCH decided to pay the cost of treatment for Yaoyao with support from UFH and Chen Lan’s fundraising.

On Nov.13th, Yaoyao was transferred to Beijing United Family Hospital with her parents and Chen Lan. BJU sent ambulances to the train station to pick up them. When Yaoyao arrived in BJU, she had not eaten for 5 days. Her condition was very urgent. The outstanding pediatricians in Beijing United Family Hospital,Dr. Zhang Qingming and Dr. Cheng Wei examined her carefully and in the afternoon of Nov. 14th, she had surgery to unblock her esophagus.

The operation was a success and the pneumonia was brought under control. After the operation, Yaoyao recovered with the meticulous care of doctors and nurses at BJU.

On Nov. 21st, one week after operation, Yaoyao began to be breast-fed normally and she was discharged from the hospital on November 27th. The staff of UFCH visited her often and seeing the love these parents have for their young daughter and the relief in their eyes as they see her gaining weight, is one of many reasons UFCH is grateful for all the support we receive.

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