Celebrating Xiao Zhuo’s First Birthday

June 10 is a special day for resilient little Xiao Zhuo, because today is his very first…

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June 10 is a special day for resilient little Xiao Zhuo, because today is his very first birthday. Before he was even a year old, he received three surgeries at Beijing United Family Hospital under the support of New Hope Foundation and UFCH. On April 21, 2014, he was diagnosed with congenital intestinal obstruction. By the time welfare agencies took him into the emergency room, he was already experiencing septic shock. Even after surgery, however, the doctor noticed Xiao Zhuo’s lack of bowel movements, so Xiao Zhuo went under a second procedure. Xiao Zhuo’s health gradually restored. However, only two weeks later, Xiao Zhuo was admitted into the hospital a second time because of severe diarrhea, dehydration, and electrolyte imbalance. The Foundation staff and nurses were very sad to see him admitted into the hospital again – because he was unable to eat, he had a very wasting appearance. During his second hospital admission, Xiao Zhuo experienced abdominal distention, abnormal bowel sounds, and vomiting. The doctor decided to perform a third surgery to suture the ends of his intestines together to allow for normal function.

Currently, Xiao Zhuo is recovering. Tomorrow, his caregivers will start giving him yogurt. Today, on June 10, Xiao Zhuo’s birthday, UFCH prepared a birthday cake and invited the United Family Hospital pediatricians and nurses to celebrate this strong baby’s birthday. I hope he can thrive in the days after and keep up his stubborn optimism!

GOOD NEW FLASH!!! June 18th, 2014: Xiao Zhuo is discharged from BJU and is heading back home to his foster home!

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