With care and patience a young boy’s life is back on track after dog attack.

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As a volunteer at the Foundation, I met this 5-year old boy called Aolin during a recent appointment. Aolin is a happy and active child and so full of energy. 2 years ago when Aolin was only 3 years old, he was attacked by 3 large dogs and got dragged into their cage. He was sent to Er Pao Hospital and placed in the ICU. His whole body was covered in wounds and his bones were visible on his ribs. His left arm was damaged severely. Two thirds of his armpit/axillary area was missing and the nerve was cut off. The parents were devastated when they first saw their son at the hospital. Both parents had very low income and the medical bill was too expensive for them cover.  The dog owner didn’t pay for the full medical bill so the boy’s parents asked for help and pubic attention on Weibo and other websites.

UFCH learned about Aolin’s situation and provided the family with funds to cover his surgery at Er Pao Hospital. From May 2012 until now, Aolin has been going to physiotherapy at the Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital at least twice a week. Dr.Song and Dr. Liu have been supporting and following the boy’s recovery closely. Aolin said to me during the visit that he is no longer scared to go to physiotherapy and he actually enjoys it because of the nice staff members at the hospital. The parents are very thankful of everything that the Foundation and Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital have done for them. The boy is recovering amazingly well considering the extent of his injuries. His left hand is slowly regaining mobility and he can do some simple tasks such as tying knots and grabbing pieces of bread and is even able to play some games on a smart phone. What a resilient little man and what wonderful caregivers!

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