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Through remote diagnosis UFCH partner surgeons were able to create a treatment plan for You You’s congenital heart defect.

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In the August of 2013, United Foundation for China’s Health (UFCH) was able to aid, diagnosis, and provide surgery for a child named You You through our Remote Diagnosis and Training program (RDAT) sponsored by CISCO. Essentially, the RDAT program allows doctors in Beijing to diagnosis and offer treatment plans for patients living in far away areas, such as Chengdu, by using equipment similar to an online video device. Through the use our Remote Diagnosis equipment, we were able to bring together the highly skilled doctors from Beijing and the local medical team at Chengdu Children’s Hospital to come up with a successful medical plan for You You and, ultimately, provide a better future for the young child.

Last August, You You, a then 16 month-old orphan from the Neijiang Welfare House, was diagnosed with congenital heart disease. Upon learning of You You’s condition, UFCH set out seeking the assistance of Dr. Liu, a heart specialist from Beijing AnZhen Hospital, with the mutual goal of correcting the defect. We were able to arrange a Remote Diagnosis session for You You with the doctors in AnZhen Hospital and together You You’s local medical team created a treatment plan for her that allowed her to undergo heart surgery. You You’s surgery was performed by one of the RDAT doctors from Beijing’s AnZhen Hospital at Chengdu Children’s Hospital. In the end, the surgery was very successful and You You suffered from minimal surgical complications. One of our UFCH staff members went to visit You You after she had undergone surgery and reported that You You had put on some weight and was looking much healthier now compared to the bone-thin baby with purple lips that she had seen a month prior to her heart surgery.

July 2014 – You You has recovered successfully from her surgery and is currently awaiting adoption at Neijiang’s Welfare House. This is just the beginning of her life, and we are thankful that UFCH’s Remote Diagnosis and Training program was able to be instrumental in giving her the chance to live a long and healthy life.

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