Ling and Xia’s Story

Starting 2014, UFCH supports medical care for underserved adults. Twin sisters, Ling and Xia, become two of the first adults to receive help through the Foundation Clinic.

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Through one of our partner organizations, we have also worked with 23-year-old twin sisters, Ling and Xia. Though both girls come from a background of domestic violence, they came to the Foundation Clinic with other physical ailments not necessarily related to abuse. During the 90 minute sessions with the Foundation Doctors the girls are able to open up about their medical history and feel comfortable to discuss issues of their abusive upbringing. Ling was diagnosed with benign neoplasm of conjunctiva, and received eye surgery in June. Xia experienced lower back pain, and received physical therapy at both Beijing United Family Hospital and local hospitals. Both received follow up check-ups from our Foundation Clinic Family Medicine Fellows.

Ling quoted about her experience with the Family Medical Fellow at the Foundation Clinic:
“I found the doctor to be very professional, very easy-going, and very patient. She gave me a clear explanation about the medical problems I have been having and about issues commonly faced by women my age. She gave me some very practical advice and a thorough exam. I was so thankful to have this experience. I have accompanied foreign friends to Beijing United in the past, but never imagined I would have the chance to have a medical exam there. I would like to thank Beijing United and UFCH for this opportunity.”

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