Visiting Foster Homes

UFH Center for Primary Care, Practice and Education Supports UFCH by Visiting Partner Foster Home.

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On June 6, Dr. Evelyn Fang, a Family Medicine physician from Beijing United Family Hospital, and two medical fellows of the Foundation Clinic attended their monthly visit to China Little Flower to provide checkups for the orphans. The goal of these monthly visits is to provide routine care to the children through Dr. Fang and her medical team. They are committed to providing convenient medical care and attention to the foster home to help improve the children’s quality of life. During the visit, the fellows examined a few children with complex medical conditions and discussed their findings with Dr. Fang. This system allowed for a thorough examination of the children as well as time to discuss other medical situations that often arise at China Little Flower. Many of the children usually have congenital heart conditions, respiratory problems, or other severe medical cases that need to be carefully monitored. Dr. Fang’s frequent visits to China Little Flower are important because they help ensure high quality continuity of care.

China Little Flower is an orphanage that has a total of 53 children ranging from ages 0-3. They are often children who are born prematurely or with a severe medical condition that needs urgent attention. UFCH is happy to support and watch them grow and we are satisfied that China Little Flower has established a good relationship with Dr. Fang and her fellows so we can help provide them with consistent, quality care in the future.

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Wheels for Life health bus is a first-of-its-kind mobile clinic that enables UFCH to reach further into the communities surrounding Beijing and those partner organizations.

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