Our HPV Screening & Immediate Treatment Model brings care to women in some of China’s most remote, impoverished areas. Under this initiative, we take our mobile clinic and a UFCH-sponsored medical team into some of the most rural parts of China. We set up the mission in a central location and the women from the surrounding area come for the screening. For many of these women, this is their only access to healthcare.

HPV Medical Missions

Cervical cancer rates are especially high in China due to the lack of widespread screening and convenient treatment as well as limited access to HPV vaccinations. The HPV virus is the precursor to cervical cancer. Because of this women’s health crisis, UFCH has worked hard over the last few years to develop an effective model to screen and treat underprivileged women.

Under our self-screening model with lab set up onsite, we can test up to 500 women per day for high-risk HPV strains. For any women who test positive, we immediately provide further diagnostic testing and treatment including digital colposcope examinations, LEEP, cryotherapy, and biopsies for further testing. With HPV positive rates exceeding 20% in many regional areas, the program makes a tremendous difference in the lives of these women.

Cervical Cancer Is The Third Most Common Cancer

Cervical cancer is the third most common cancer among women worldwide with more than 600,000 cases globally in 2020.

In China, cervical cancer is the second leading cancer among women under 45 with over 100,000 new cases per year.

It is the cause of death for 30,000 women per year due to late diagnosis or inadequate treatment.