Our Mission

UFCH strives to improve the lives of underserved children in China through healthcare initiatives and services by using its technical expertise and experience in the country, forging targeted partnerships, and setting up training and innovative pilot programs.


UFCH is in the unique position to facilitate access to healthcare to some of China’s most disadvantaged populations, including the poor, those with disabilities, those in very rural areas, and those living on the fringe of society such as migrants and the homeless.

We either assist directly through the programs we run or pay directly for care when needed. Without our help, these people would not have access to healthcare or medical treatments.

Especially now with a world-wide pandemic still going on, our belief rings truer than ever – We believe that every life is important and has the right to access medical care. We truly believe that healing brings hope.

Bringing Healing & Hope To Those In Need For More Than 20 Years


Start 1% Program

Partnership with Jiaozuo Orphanage


Expand to more partners

Established Formula Fund


Incorporated in State of Delaware


CDJ Fund raiser USD 250K

Partnerment Public Charity Status (IRS)


Ford & Fil grants for mobile bus

Form strategic partnership with OCF


Partners with UFH Fellowship Program

Marbury Partnership established


Launch WFL Mobile Clinic


Training Programs Begin

Support COVID-19 Relief Efforts


Register as private chinese foundation

Healing Brings Hope