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Run for Hope 2013 Patient Updates

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

By Cassy Zhou, Volunteer

In October, friends and supporters of United Foundation for China’s Health participated in the 2013 Beijing International Marathon to raise donations for the children of Blue Sky Healing Home. The marathon fundraiser was a great success, raising over 230,000 RMB. The Foundation is proud to announce that so far, we have been able use these funds to provide surgeries for three children.

Tian Tian
Tian Tian was abandoned in a church in Hebei at birth due to his club feet. Tian Tian is an adorable little boy who likes to watch people with his large sparking eyes whenever someone talks to him, and often responds with his cute expressions. Due to limited health care in remote areas, local orphanages asked our partner, Blue Sky Healing Home, for support. Since then, UFCH has provided little Tian Tian with a thorough physical check-up, much needed vaccinations, as well as surgery preparations for treatment. On May 27, 2014, Tian Tian received surgery for his club feet at Beijing Jishuitan Hospital. 3288.84 RMB of our marathon funds have gone towards supporting Tian Tian and his surgery. We hope the surgery will contribute to a better tomorrow for little Tian Tian!

Ai Lin
When little Ai Lin was transferred to Blue Sky Healing Home from Henan Orphanage, her mouth and limbs appeared purple and her vital signs were very weak. After weeks of attentive care from her caregivers, she began to eat more and became stronger. After hearing of little Ai Lin, our Foundation arranged a heart ultrasound for her. Ai Lin was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF), which is a congenital heart defect that involves four anatomical abnormalities of the heart. Ai Lin has shown great improvements – she can play independently and is developing good motor skills. She also likes all kinds of toys and colorful books and has started to even imitate adults! UFCH has decided to use 80,000 RMB of our Marathon funds to help to help cure Ai Lin’s disease through surgery. Recently, Ai Lin has received a physical check up from Beijing Hua Xin Hospital and she will receive surgery in May 2014. We hope she can recover soon!

Zhen Jiang
Three-year-old Zhen Jiang also comes from Henan orphanage and suffers from hypospadia. Zhenjiang is cute and very clever – his caregivers call him a little angel. 15,000RMB of our Marathon fundraiser went towards helping Zhen Jiang receive plastic surgery at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. His surgery was very successful and he is recovering well. The Foundation hopes he can recover quickly can live a happy, healthy life!

UFCH would like to thank our marathon runners for their gracious support and generous donations. We will use the rest of our marathon donations to fund other surgeries for orphans in need. These donations provide children with an opportunity for a better tomorrow. UFCH will keep running for the hope and bright future of our children!

Run for Hope 2013 Patient Updates