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Monday, June 23rd, 2014

By Malia Demers, Volunteer

After receiving surgery from Dr. Zhang Qin Mao in February, Little Dang is on the road to recovery! The surgery performed was to fix the imperforate anus that he was born with, which made it difficult for him to empty his bowels. Before coming to us, he had been looked after by the warm caregivers of China Little Flower’s hospice because his condition meant that every day was a struggle for him to live. We will continue to care for Dang and ask you all to keep his recovery in your thoughts. He has been released from the hospital and is now back at his healing home, playing with his friends.

Rou Xi
Little Rou Xi is a one-year-old with congenital heart disease. Three months ago, she received surgery at a local hospital. In partnership with United Family Hospital, UFCH is providing her with check-ups and much needed vaccinations. She is currently very small for her age, so we are hoping some fortified formula and vitamin supplements will help her grow healthy and strong.

Wu came in the other day to receive some vaccinations and a PPD test at the UFH Clinic. Little Wu was very brave during his shots and up and ready to play after his appointment. Yesterday he received the results of his PPD test — it turns out that little Wu has never been exposed to Tuberculosis and can now leave the country to live with his new adoptive family in America!

Qing Qing
Qing Qing came in for a well child check up the other day. Despite his hypospadia, Qing is doing very well. He loves running, playing and loving his caretaker and little friends.

At his most recent visit to the hospital, Xiao had to have his eyes checked. He was a great sport throughout the test. He passed! His functional eye has perfect vision.

Little Yu
Little Yu needed surgery to loosen the muscles around her stomach and intestines, as these organs were very tight and disabled her from eating properly. The photo on the left is of Yu before her procedure, and that on the right is her just four days later. Her face is already filling out and she’s looking and feeling much stronger. The fix, made possible by UFCH, has enabled Yu to eat!

Chang has a bone disease that makes him more susceptible to bone breaks. He recently visited the hospital to have his leg fracture X-rayed; soon his cast will come off and will be replaced by a brace. With UFCH funds and hospital expertise, Chang will be back on his feet and playing in no time.

Little Kai
Tiny Kai was recently rushed to the hospital with respiratory failure. She received one-on-one nurse care for several days, as well as ventilation. Her ventilator has now been removed and she is doing much better! To ensure her smooth and secure recovery, Kai will stay in the hospital a little while longer.

Patient Updates