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Healthcare for All: UFCH Expands Foundation Clinic to Serve Vulnerable Adult Populations

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

UFCH is excited to announce that we have expanded our services to vulnerable adult populations through our new Healthcare for All program starting April 1, 2014. In partnership with four other organizations – the Starfish Project, Huiling, U.N. Women’s Project, and Red Maple – the Foundation can now reach out to disabled adults, abused women, the elderly, and migrant workers.

One of our first Foundation Clinic patients was Mr. Zhang, a local folk artist from Nan Luo Gu Xiang, who suffers from prenatal brittle bone disease. He makes a living by carefully crafting beautiful works of art through Chinese paper cutting and selling his work at the 798 Art District, supermarket areas, and outside subways to support himself and fundraise for his daughter, who shares the burden of the same disease. Despite not being able to walk and having over 100 bone fractures throughout his lifetime, Mr. Zhang previously had not received proper medical care and did not have record of surgery or immunization history. With the help of our new Foundation Clinic, he received a thorough physical check up from Beijing United Family Hospital’s Family Medicine Clinic, receiving vaccinations, ultrasounds, blood tests, and medication to help his brittle bone disease.

Through one of our partner organizations, we have also worked with 23-year-old twin sisters, Ling and Xia. Ling was diagnosed with benign neoplasm of conjunctiva, and received eye surgery from our Foundation Clinic in June, as well as follow-ups for treatment. Xia experienced lower back pain, and received physical therapy with Beijing United Family Hospital and local hospitals. Both received check ups from our Family Medicine fellows.

Ling quoted about her experience with a fellow at the clinic:

“I found the doctor to be very professional, very easy-going, and very patient. She gave me a clear explanation about the medical problems I have been having and about issues commonly faced by women my age. She gave me some very practical advice and a thorough exam. I was so thankful to have this experience. I have accompanied foreign friends to Beijing United in the past but never imagined I would have the chance to have a medical exam there. I would like to thank Beijing United and UFCH for this opportunity.”

We would like to thank our Family Medicine Fellows for their support and hope to help many more like Mr. Zhang and the twins in the future!

Healthcare for All: UFCH Expands Foundation Clinic to Serve Vulnerable Adult Populations