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“Learn Braille and help a child”

Friday, August 15th, 2014

Written by Cao You & Andrew Shen

On August 2nd 2014, United Foundation for China’s Health held a truly unique event “Learn Braille, Help child” at Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital in cooperation with Bethel Healing Home and Americans Promoting Study Abroad (APSA).

What a great scene to see a caravan of Beijing Taxi Shou Qi Xin Feng arrive with flags swaying carrying the children from Bethel. The 5 taxis filled with excited children, all of whom are visually impaired, and two large buses carrying the teenagers from the United States who are studying in Beijing for 5 weeks this summer arrived at the United Family Rehabilitation Hospital in Yaojiayuan at exactly the same time. These children of different ages and backgrounds had met several times through the week preparing songs, dances and poems for the event. Over 200 participants gathered to watch the APSA students and the children from Bethel perform songs and dances so that were so superb they inspired rounds of applause and even a few tears as one little boy from Bethel sang, “You Are My Eyes”.

Visitors were able to learn braille thanks to our BJU staff member who is visually impaired herself Ms. CHEN Tiantian. Postcards with the words Cherish the Love in Chinese braille were printed and could be sent to friends and family around the world.

The goal of this event was to raise awareness of the abilities of the visually impaired, provide games, food and fun and raise funds to help provide medical care for a young child from Bethel Healing Home. Yan Yan will receive a cornea transplant in August thanks to the funds raised.

We want to take the opportunity here to express out appreciation to all of our sponsors: Annie’s Restaurant, Elis Pearl, GNL, Beijing Hao Lang Jia Mei Trading, Le Yoga, Vogmask, Papercutter Mr. Zhang and Starfish for their products. Also special thanks to Beijing Shou Qi Xin Feng taxi team for driving Bethel staff members and children and staying with them throughout the whole event.

“Learn Braille and help a child”