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Mother’s Day Event for Xiao Xuan

Monday, May 26th, 2014

By Catherine Yang, UFCH Coordinator

Little Xiao Xuan is from a happy family of four, but experienced great trouble when he was overcome with sudden illness – Xiao Xuan is UFCH’s fourth leukemia patient this year. In May 2013, Xiao Xuan had a sudden high fever and visited many hospitals before ultimately being diagnosed with EB virus hemophagocytic syndrome. During treatment, because of the severity of his illness, Xiao Xuan was sent to several ICUs. This little child has tremendous courage and desire for life, and overcame death time and time again. However, his medical costs were increasingly unsustainable for the family. Xiao Xuan’s parents contacted UFCH, and the Foundation’s staff was moved by the courageous child and persistent family’s story. We decided to help raise money for Xiao Xuan’s treatment for leukemia.

Eager to help, Beijing United Family Hospital decided to dedicate their annual Mother’s Day fundraiser to Xiao Xuan. Many mothers who saw our fundraising efforts for Xiao Xuan were deeply touched by our cause. In the end, we raised 2 million RMB to treat Xiao Xuan’s leukemia. On May 26, Little Xiao Xuan’s parents took him to receive the donation from Sylvia Pan, Beijing United Family Hospital’s Director. Xiao Xuan’s parents were very excited and deeply grateful for this life-saving donation, and would like to thank everyone who was compassionate enough to support their family.

As people of compassion, United Foundation for Children’s Health hopes to bring together more partners in the future with the same passions to go all out in promoting philanthropy. Let our kindness converge into a sea of love, let our compassion and dedication be built into a boat, and let the boat out to sail!

Mother’s Day Event for Xiao Xuan