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UFCH Launches New Shared Responsibility Model

Sunday, June 1st, 2014

Starting in June 2014, United Foundation for China’s Health launched the Shared Responsibility Model, designed to provide incentive for all partners – the hospital, the Foundation, and the partner organizations – to be more invested in patient management and effectively sustain helping a great number of children.

United Family Healthcare (UFH) is the Principal Partner of the United Foundation for China’s Health and has grown dramatically over the past decade years. This growth has provided a positive impact for the Foundation in several ways. There are now more services available, more hospitals taking on Foundation patients and more opportunities to provide life-saving surgeries for children in need. To satisfy this ever-growing demand and continue our productivity, we have developed a new framework for sustainability. The Shared Responsibility Model promotes all parties to have a stake in the management of each child receiving in-patient care, the child will not only continue to receive the highest quality care, but in the most cost effective way. Using the pay it forward concept, each partner organization will contribute 10% of the total cost of in-patient care and this 10% will be then be returned directly to the Foundation budget dedicated to inpatient care to aid other orphans and children of poor families. UFCH takes pride in its role of linking children who need life-saving surgeries and medical interventions. The Shared Responsibility Model aims to continue providing these valuable services in a more sustainable way.

(Xiao Zhuo, one of our first patients whose surgery is being funded by the new Shared Responsibility Model.)

UFCH Launches New Shared Responsibility Model