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Finger Painting for Xiao He

Friday, March 28th, 2014

By Catherine Yang, UFCH Coordinator

On the afternoon of March 28 2014, UFCH organized a Finger Painting Event in the auditorium of Beijing United Family Hospital to raise money for Xiaohe, a 15 year old with leukemia. We hoped all the participants could express themselves using their hands to create works of art for a good cause! We were very pleased too see nearly 120 people attending the fundraiser, including 40 children. Everyone enjoyed painting, taking pictures, and sharing their works of art with friends. Both adults and children lost themselves in the innocent joy of finger painting. It was easy to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the event and take satisfaction in the simple act of helping another. Through this event, we raised over 15,000 RMB which will be donated directly to Xiaohe’s treatment. We send thanks to all the participants for their generous donations to Xiaohe. Most parents and children donated much more than the entrance fee, and we would like to recognize the generosity the Liu family, who donated 7000 RMB to support Xiaohe. Everyone’s contributions were very appreciated, and we are very grateful!

Our special thanks also go to three of our colleague from BJU, Jessie Yang, Jessie Jiang and Leo Li who introduced groups of friends to our event; Eddie Tan and Cliff Tse from BJU who helped us taking pictures; two restaurants, Annie’s and Roy’s that provided delicious food to support our event and all our friends who promoted our event on wechat. We would also like to thank Malia who brought Finger Painting to UFCH and joined this event as an instructor, our volunteer Ariel Lin and our colleague Maomao from Financial Department.

We recently received good news; Xiaohe has been discharged from the hospital and is rapidly recovering. We expect that we can soon invite everyone to finger paint with Xiaohe once he recovers completely!

Finger Painting for Xiao He