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  • Partners in BJ
    • 365 Morning Light
    • Abba’s Children – Founded in 2007, A Bridge for Children International is a U.S. registered non-profit organization headquartered in Beijing, China, dedicated to serving orphans and migrant children — two of the most vulnerable and at-risk populations in China.
    • A Bridge for Children International – we run 2 homes with boys ranging in age from 1 to 16. They bring a home environment, education, and love to these orphan boys.
    • Bethel – Provide high-quality care, education, life skills and livelihood opportunities to blind and visually impaired orphans in China through foster care projects.
    • Blue Sky Healing Home – Healing Home that focuses on providing pre and post-operative care for both abandoned childres and children whose families cannot afford critical medical care.
    • Children’s Hope – We provide heathcare for orphans and poverty families by providing sugery treatments, career planning, and rehabilitation service.
    • China Little Flower – Healing Home that cares for children suffering from club foot deformities, complications from premature birth, those who need pre and post operative surgery care, and children who are terminally ill.
    • Holt – Ping An Medical Foster Home
    • Morningstar Healing Home – Healing Home providing care for children suffering from complicated birth defects.
    • New Day Foster Home – Healing Home provides surgeries and a loving home to children from local welfare homes.
    • New Hope Foundation – operates several healing homes and medical wings to care for children suffering from treatable congenital defects as well as operating two hospice units.
    • Ping An Medical Foster Home – Healing Home that provides pre and post operative care for children with treatable congenital defects.
    • The Agape Family Life House – operates a group home to provide care for children with special medical needs as well as a bakery to provide gainful employment to the older children in their care.
    • The Phillip Hayden Foundation – operates facilities that focus on supporting children with serious congenital defects.

    Partners in SH

    • Baby’s Home Shanghai – Healing Home that focuses on providing pre and post-operative care.
    • Children’s Welfare Center – government operated welfare home that cares for about 600 children, all of whom suffer some degree of medical ailment.
    • Lu Bin Hua She – help disabed orphan from 0 to 14 years old and dedicate to provide them pre and post operation care and rehabilitation.
    • Mi Fan Mama -The Boxes of Love program has delivered over 50,000 gift boxes containing toys, candy and food to children all over China. By funding medical care Mifan Mama have helped children recover and go on to live happily with families in China and beyond. At the Shining Star childrens home we’ve helped children who couldn’t move, learn to walk independently.Empowering a young teenager by funding her education to help her pursue a career, married life and happiness.
    • Shanghai Healing Home – Healing Home that provides pre and post operative care for children suffering from cleft lip and/or palate.
    • The Baobei Foundation – Healing Home that focuses on caring for children who suffer from gastrointestinal and neurological birth defects.
    • The Shanghai

    Partners in TJ

    Partners in HN

    • Jiaozuo Welfare Home – government operated welfare home that cares for all abandoned children from the local area. Many of these children are in need of medical care.
    • Swallows Nest Children’s Home – operates facilities that care for children in need of special medical care.