Our History

history1The United Foundation for China’s Health (UFCH) was founded in 2001 and was formerly known as the United Foundation for Children’s Health. The Foundation’s original program, the China Children’s Medical Care Program focused on helping orphaned and poor children from over 50 orphanages, welfare homes and foster homes across China receive life-saving medical care and surgeries.

The Principal Partner of UFCH is United Family Healthcare, which donates 1% of it gross annual revenue to support in-kind medical and surgical services at UFH Hospitals and covers the administrative overhead to the Foundation. UFCH uses this support to provide high quality healthcare interventions for children from its partner organizations. In addition to this in-kind support, UFCH also receives donations in cash to support cardiac and general surgeries and medical care in local hospitals when needed.

With the strong partnerships with our Principal Partners, United Family Healthcare, Fosun Pharma and Cisco, the Foundation Board of Directors agreed to expand the mission of UFCH to include providing healthcare interventions for all vulnerable populations. In 2014, UFCH changed its name to the United Foundation for China’s Health and now provides continuity of care to orphans, poor children, the disabled, abused women, elderly and migrant workers all by partnering with social organizations that provide the first line of support for these vulnerable populations.

In 2013, with a grant from Cisco, UFCH partnered with the Women and Children’s Hospital in Chengdu and four welfare homes in Sichuan to provide Remote Diagnosis and treatment for nearly 100 children. The Remote Diagnosis program provides the welfare homes with the needed technological resources for Doctors in Beijing to carry on a consultation, review x-rays and MRI’s and other scans and to diagnose the child and set forth a treatment plan. Many of the follow up surgeries and treatments are done locally in Sichuan by visiting experts, but on occasion when needed the child is brought to Beijing.

historyIn 2014, UFCH opened its Foundation Clinic at Beijing United Family Hospital in partnership with the Center for Primary Care, Practice and Education Family Medicine Fellows Program. Partner organizations now have access to continuity of care by attending consultations at the Foundation Clinic where if needed they can be referred to a specialist. The Foundation Clinic also serves the new adult population, which comes to the Foundation through a network of charitable organizations providing assistance to adult vulnerable populations.

UFCH is a registered U.S. charitable organization and was granted permanent 501(c)(3) Public Charity Status by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service in 2005 (EIN: 51-0407118). In China, UFCH is program registered with the Overseas Chinese Charitable Foundation, which provides the legal capability to fundraise in China and provide RMB tax receipts for charitable donations.