Frequently Asked Questions

Is UFCH a registered public charity?
UFCH has been a U.S. registered 501(c)(3) public, non-profit charity organization since 2001. Our Employer Identification Number provided by the IRS is: 51-0407118. UFCH’s Healthcare for All Program and China Children’s Medical Care Program are registered with the Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation.

What is UFCH’s mission objective?
The goal of UFCH is to bring high quality healthcare and treatment to all vulnerable populations in China: Orphans, abused women and children, disabled and the underserved. In addition UFCH is committed to increase primary healthcare awareness and education through training, seminars in local communities and through our Foundation Clinic. After over a decade of operating medical programs in China, we are uniquely aware of the challenges these groups face and the importance providing aid.

What type of programs does UFCH have?
China Children’s Medical Care Program:
UFCH partners with over 50 orphanages, welfare homes and hospitals to provide underprivileged children with medical and surgical interventions and treatment through the United Family Healthcare System.
Healthcare for All Programs:
UFCH partners with 5 non-profit organizations and 12 local communities to provide access to quality medical services and preventative healthcare through its Foundation Clinic and educational outreach.
Remote Diagnosis and Education Program:
UFCH provides remote diagnosis and treatment for underserved children in Sichuan Province. This program provides opportunities for knowledge transfer and trainings through a series of seminars each year.

How do you operate?
Our general operating structure is to create long-term partnerships with both government and private organizations that work with vulnerable populations. Through partnerships with UFCH, they have better access to healthcare services including screenings; medicine, inpatient and outpatient care treatment and surgeries. Partnerships also include medical trainings and primary healthcare education seminars. By assisting our partners over the long-term, our patients receive continuous medical services and are cared for by better-trained caregivers. We know that these elements are vital to creating successful medical outcomes for our patients and provide the ability for them to become self sufficient or be adopted. This model has proven to be sustainable and can be replicated as additional partnerships are forged.

What experience does your management team have?
With 13 years experience running healthcare related programs in China, UFCH has a proven track-record running successful programs. Our Executive Director has worked in China for nearly four decades and has a strong back in Development and Non Profit management. Our Foundation’s Operations Manager has over 10 years of experience working in the healthcare administration field in Beijing and our Board’s Directors all bring a wealth of experience from working both in the healthcare field as well as working and living in China. UFCH staff members come from backgrounds in Nursing, Nutrition, Pediatrics and Finance and the team is also supported by a tremendous group of volunteers, including physicians, nurses, nutritionists, accountants, IT and marketing professionals, fundraisers, social workers, and patient advocates.

What are your current needs?
UFCH is rapidly expanding its programs and outreach. The Foundation needs support for these programs which include a Community Health Van to reach into the underserved areas of community’s right in Beijing.
We are looking to provide breast health screenings and care and this program will need support so that we can help provide medical treatment for patients follow up treatment. There is a growing incidence of Leukemia amongst young children in China and we would like to provide more support to these children through a Leukemia Fund.
We also have a real need for donated products, including high-quality infant milk formula, diapers, hand sanitizer, medical consumables, personal hygiene products, blankets and clothing for the children.
Additionally, as a non-profit organization, administrative costs add up and we are looking for organizations and individuals who would be interested in supporting UFCH in this area.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child’s surgery?
Costs for surgeries vary, depending on the type of surgery and the complexity of the child’s situation. However, an average of RMB 15,000 can cover many of the needed surgeries and save a child’s life.

How do you decide which children or person in need to help?
We form long-term partnerships with state run orphanages and private medical foster homes and non-profits which provide support to vulnerable populations in China. We support our partners with surgery programs, medical outreach programs, as well as with nutritional and medical trainings. It is through these partnerships that patients are referred to us.

Is UFCH involved with children’s adoptions?
Many of the children we support are orphans and we actively encourage and support our partners to list the children for adoption after they have received their needed medical care. However, we are not directly involved in the adoption process ourselves. If you have questions about adopting a child, we can help put you in touch with knowledgeable resources here in China.

How can I make a donation to UFCH?
There are several ways to make a donation to UFCH. You can visit our website www.unitedfoundation.org to donate via PayPal. If you wish to donate via check, bank transfer, or wish to discuss corporate sponsorship opportunities, please emails our Executive Director Frances Fremont-Smith at fran.fs@unitedfoundation.org.

Are donations to UFCH tax deductible?
Yes, donations made to UFCH are tax deductible in the U.S. We will provide you with a written receipt to support the donation deduction on your tax return. Donations made in RMB can also be provided with a tax receipt through our partner the Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation.

How much of my donation actually goes to help the children?
For our fiscal year ending December 31, 2013, 97.5% of every dollar collected was spent directly on our medical and outreach programs.

Are UFCH’s financial statements audited by an independent audit firm?
Yes, UFCH is audited annually by an independent CPA firm. To receive a copy of our audited financial statements and the accompanying Auditor’s Report, please email: fran.fs@unitedfoundation.org.

Do you have volunteer opportunities?
Volunteers are the backbone of our organization. We are always in need to volunteers to help run our programs, assist with fundraising efforts, and just generally spread the word! Please visit our website for information on current positions we are seeking to fill or contact our Operations Manager: Maggie.fu@unitedfoundation.org to discuss the special skills you can bring to UFCH.

Did UFCH previously go by a different name?
Yes, we changed our name in July 2009 from United Foundation for Chinese Orphans to United Foundation for Children’s Health, then again in 2013 to United Foundation for China’s Health to better reflect the expanding scope of our programs.

Is UFCH related to United Family Healthcare?
United Family Healthcare (UFH) is our largest supporter. Annually, UFH donates the equivalent of 1% of gross revenue in medical and in-kind services to support our programs. We are proud to be the administrator of this generous donation. Additionally, UFH physicians and nurses volunteer their time and expertise to support our ongoing medical outreach and nutrition programs. Many other UFH employees also donate their time to assist us in other, non-medical related ways.

Who can I contact for additional information?
If you have any questions regarding UFCH, please do not hesitate to contact our Operations Manager Maggie Fu directly. She can be reached via email at Maggie.Fu@unitedfoundation.org or via her Beijing Cell Phone: +86 139-1012-8735.