Non-Profit Status

Operating in China since 2001, the United Foundation for China’s Health is a registered U.S. charitable organization. We were granted permanent 501(c)(3) Public Charity Status by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service in 2005 (EIN: 51-0407118). All donations made to UFCH are tax deductible in the United States to the extent allowed by law. UFCH’s sister organization, The United Foundation for China’s Health (Beijing), was established as a private not-for-profit foundation in January 2018. The two foundations cooperate closely to carry out UFCH’s various programs.

The Team

Roberta Lipson


Roberta Lipson founded UFCH in 2001 as a way to give back to her host country and to use the resources of the healthcare group she founded to help those in need (United Family Healthcare). Roberta is passionate about high-quality healthcare and a life-long advocate of the disadvantaged. Roberta actively gives strategic guidance to the UFCH team.

Jenny Yang

Executive Director

Jenny Yang has been volunteering for UFCH in various roles since 2005. She is passionate about growing strong programs that match needs and resources in a way to maximize the number of beneficiaries that UFCH can help.

Program Team

Viki Wei

UFH 1% Charity Program Coordinator

Rebecca Liu

Medical Program Coordinator

Dr. Maria He

Medical & Charitable Services Advisor

Wang Hong

Patient Advocacy Coordinator

Support Team

Janet Li

Finance & Administrative Manager

Lily Li

Junior Accountant

Angela Xiong

Legal Representative for China UFCH